Howie Morales - New Mexico State Governor Race, 2014

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the site to learn more about me and my campaign to become our next Governor.

If you honor me with your vote, I will work my heart out every day that I am Governor to help us build a dynamic New Mexico future.

A future in which our economy is thriving with new opportunities – with every New Mexico entrepreneur having the best odds to build a successful business, with every New Mexico worker able to find a good job and to keep moving forward in life, enjoying better and better wages, and with every New Mexico family able to buy and keep their home and realize all the hopes and aspirations that we call the American dream.

A future in which our education system is serving every family well – with every New Mexico teacher respected and well-paid and free to teach a rich and comprehensive curriculum, with every New Mexico infant and toddler and pre-K child having access to high-quality whole-child education and care, with every New Mexico student reading and mastering knowledge, with every New Mexico youth envisioning and planning his or her future with confidence, and with every New Mexico high school graduate attending and excelling in a 4-year university, 2-year college, job training, or apprenticeship.

And a future in which we mitigate New Mexico's wildfire crisis and resolve New Mexico's water crisis by honoring the environment and our ancient traditions even as we seize the benefits of leading-edge 21st Century innovations.

We can't afford to stand still for four more years. Let's leave behind four years of stagnation and start building the dynamic future we all deserve. Partner with me, and let's realize our potential together as Team New Mexico and thrive and prosper together.

- Howie Morales

Howie Morales Wins
Pre-primary Convention!
On March 8th, Howie won a resounding victory at the Democratic Pre-primary Convention – showing that he is the one candidate who has the vision, passion determination and organization to move New Mexico forward.
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Headlines – Howie Morales,
New Mexico Governors Race

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SILVER CITY - Monday was Caesar Chavez's birthday, and WNMU celebrated it with speakers, food, a march led by the WNMU drum line, a play and even a hunger strike that kicked off at 6 a.m. Even though more than...
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KRWG Fred Martino Listen to the Interview
Fred Martino speaks with New Mexico state Senator Howie Morales, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor. Morales discusses his recent first-place finish at the Democratic pre-primary convention in the Governor's race; the results of the legislative session; and a variety of other recent news.
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Newsmakers 4th installation of its monthlong political coverage. Fred Martino interviews Senator Howie Morales, candidate for the Democratic nomination for New Mexico Governor.
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VIDEO: Howie Morales wins NM Democratic pre-primary nod for governor Capitol Report
At the New Mexico Democratic Party pre-primary convention at the Route 66 Casino Hotel, Morales - a state senator from Silver City - came in first place in a competitive, five-way race for the most delegates in the gubernatorial race leading up to the Democratic primary on June 6 while King - the state's attorney general - finished in last place.
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Video – Howie Morales,
New Mexico Governors Race

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Pre-primary Convention Speech 
Three Democrats win spot on governor's race primary ballot
Howie Morales after pre-primary win